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  1. What are the different types of Tournaments?
  2. Who plays first?
  3. How are players eliminated and the winner decided?
  4. What does $10+$1 mean?
  5. What are the betting structures?
  6. What are the Blinds?
  7. Can I unjoin a tournament?
  8. Are there any breaks in the tournament play?
  9. How many chips do I start with?
  10. Can I exchange my prize?
  11. What will happen if I attempt to cheat?
  12. What happens if I do not act on my hand in time?
  13. What happens if I am disconnected?
  14. How can I check the status of my tournaments?
  15. Can I play in more than one tournament at a time?
  16. Can I ever play "-on the button-" twice in a row?
  17. What happens if a tournament is cancelled?
  18. What is the up-level structure?
  19. What if two (or more) players go out on the same hand?
  20. The Small Print

What are the different types of Tournament?

Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go Tournaments take place on a single table and have a maximum of 10 players. Play begins as soon as all players are seated (seats are assigned randomly) and continues until the one winning player remains. Prizes are usually also awarded to the runners up.

Multi Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments have many players spread across many tables, they have set starting times and players must register in advance in order to play. The closing time of registration for each tournament will be announced in the Lobby. All seat assignments are randomly drawn prior to the start of the tournament. As play progresses and players are knocked out, the remaining players are moved to different tables in order to keep them full. Tables will break down from the highest numbered table to the lowest numbered tables. The transferring of players from one table to another (as a result of tables breaking down) is done in a completely random fashion. This process continues until only one player remains.

Heads Up Tournaments

Heads up games are one on one games played between two players. In our multi table heads up tournaments all the player are divided into tables of two, the winner of each table progressing to the next table.

Satellite Tournaments

A pre-tournament offered at a vastly reduced (relative to the main tournament), or no Tournament Buy-in Fee. Winners of Satellite Tournaments are offered free entry to the next level Satellite Tournament or main tournament.

Fast Tournaments

Variety of Sit & Go or Multi-Table FAST Tournaments. The level ups and decision times are SHORTER than normal tournaments. This means that the tournaments take much less time to complete:


-5 minute level ups.
-15 seconds on decision times.

Nitro Extreme(Really Fast):

-3 minute level ups.
-From 10 to 12 seconds on decision times.

Nitro Ultra(Absolutely Fast):

-2 minute level ups.
-From 7 to 10 seconds on decision times.

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Who plays first?

Hold'em and Omaha tournaments begin by dealing every player one card. The Player who receives the highest card dealt will be the dealer at his/her table for the first round of the tournament. If two Players are dealt the same high card, the suit preference of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs will determine who starts as the dealer.

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How are players eliminated and the winner decided?

Players are eliminated from Play when they lose all their chips, tournaments continue until one Player wins all the chips.

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What does $10+$1 mean?

This refers to the amount you need to buy-in to the tournament with. The total contribution you make is $11, with $10 going to the prize pool and $1 going to LuckyAce Poker as commission.

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What are the betting structures?

LuckyAce Poker-'s betting structure is one bet and three raises for each betting round.

In Pot Limit games the maximum bet is equal to the amount currently in the pot, and in No Limit games there is no maximum bet.

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What are the Blinds?

The Small Blind is the player immediately to the left of the dealer button and the Big Blind is the player to the immediate left of the Small Blind. It is possible for a player to take two Big Blinds in a row. E.g. If one player had just played the Big Blind at a table which then broke down, the player could then be seated at the Big Blind position in the new table.

When only two Players remain, the Player due to play the Big Blind will do so and the Small Blind will inherit the button. The Small Blind or button will act first prior to the flop and second after the flop.

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Can I unjoin a tournament?

If you have bought in directly you can unjoin a tournament and have your buy-in, including fees, returned immediately to your bankroll by clicking on the 'Unjoin Tournament' button in the tournament lobby.

If you have won your seat through a satellite you will be unable to refund the value of this seat to your bankroll.

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Are there any breaks in the tournament play?

There are no breaks during Sit & Go Tournaments. In Multi-Table tournaments, there is a 5- minute break each hour.

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How many chips do I start with?

Players start with either $800 in chips for tournaments with buy-ins less than $30 or with $1000 in chips for tournaments with higher buy-ins. In some special tournaments, Players start with 1,200 to 5,000 chips! Check the Tournament News Box.

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Can I exchange my prize?

The prize payoffs will be exactly according to the Payout Schedule (the "Payoff Structure") and there are no deals.

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What will happen if I attempt to cheat?

All Players are expected to abide by the House Rules. Those who do not abide by the House Rules may be asked by Personnel to leave the Tournament and/or to stop playing at There should be no soft playing or chip dumping during Tournaments. Soft playing could be considered cheating in some instances.

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What happens if I do not act on my hand in time?

Players who do not act on their hand in time ("Time Out") will have their hand folded automatically.

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What happens if I am disconnected?

You are not allowed any disconnection all-ins for No Limit and Pot Limit tournaments however you are allowed 2 disconnection all-ins for Fixed Limit tournaments.

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How can I check the status of my tournaments?

Click on "My Tournaments" from the LuckyAce Poker Lobby to view a list of all your registered and running tournaments. This is a quick and easy way to check the status of your tournaments or return to a game.

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Can I play in more than one tournament at a time? allows Players to actively play at two tournaments at a time and register to a maximum of four tournaments. If you are registered to more than two tournaments with overlapping scheduling, your blinds will be automatically posted at the third and fourth tournaments

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Can I ever play -"on the button" twice in a row? uses a "forward moving button" rule in its tournaments. According to this rule, no player ever receives the button twice in consecutive hands; at the completion of every hand, the button is moved clockwise to the small blind. The implication of this rule is that when players are eliminated, there may be players who get a reprieve from one or both blinds. The forward moving button is common practice in online poker due to the technicalities involved in adjusting the blinds after players are eliminated. Since these are basically random occurrences, no player will receive any long-term advantage, and the rule is necessarily fair for all players.

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What happens if a tournament is cancelled?

If a Tournament is cancelled due to technical issues, Players who were eliminated prior to the cancellation will lose their buy-in and entry fee. The remaining Players will be refunded their buy-ins and entry fees and will equally divide up the buy-in fees from the Players already eliminated, regardless of the chip standing when the tournament was halted.

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What is the up-level structure?

Up-level Structure
Round Blinds Limit
Position 1 - 30 Players 31 - 50 Players
1 $10/15 $15/30
2 $10/20 $20/40
3 $15/30 $30/60
4 $25/50 $50/100
5 $50/100 $100/200
6 $75/$150 $150/$300
7 $100/200 $200/400
8 $150/300 $300/600
9 $200/400 $400/800
10 $250/500 $500/1000
11 $300/600 $600/1200
12 $400/800 $800/1600
13 $500/1000 $1000/2000
14 $750/1500 $1500/3000
15 $1000/2000 $2000/4000
16 $1500/3000 $3000/6000
17 $2000/4000 $4000/8000
18 $2500/5000 $5000/10000
19 $3000/6000 $6000/12000
20 $4000/$8000 $8000/16000

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What if two (or more) players go out on the same hand?

If two (or more) players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the higher finishing position.

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The Small Print

  1. reserves the right (at any time) to cancel or modify the prize rewardable in relation to any tournament. Further, reserves the right to award a monetary prize in equal or greater value as the original prize in place of such prize, at its sole discretion. The value of the original prize shall be determined on the basis of its actual value and not any potential value or prize receivable as a consequence of the original prize.

  2. reserves the right to change the rules and render final decisions on all matters herein at its sole discretion. Rule changes and relevant decisions will be communicated accordingly via via electronic and/or written means.

  3. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule Tournaments at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

  4. reserves the right to amend the Tournament Rules and Policies at any time without notice to Players. Such amendments will become effective immediately upon being listed under the "Tournament Rules" section of the website. It is the Players' sole responsibility to review the Tournament Rules and Policies.

  5. The rules and policies contained herein represent the complete understanding between Player and with respect to Player's activities at any tournament, except as otherwise specified in the any rules pertaining to a particular tournament, as posted at the website.

  6. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, all use of the website by Player is governed by the Terms & Conditions of Use. And in the event of dispute those terms and conditions shall apply.

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